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Jamie Boyd - STUDIO 11 453-A Eleventh St. Astoria, OR 97103 503-791-9435 azure10@juno.com

Current Work-
I focus on transforming my pen and ink washes of figures and
portraiture into glass. I like the challenge of moving a one-
dimensional image toward a more sculptural form. Inspired by
Seurat and Chuck Close, my recent series reflect the look of
pointillism, where an image close up looks abstract, but farther
away the components blend into a portrait. I capture emotion
through the shapes and shadows of the face or figure, using cut
string and found-glass shapes in a kiln-formed method. Using
fewer tones or values keeps a sense of connection between an
original sketch and the new glass form.

Over the years, new inventions of kiln-formed glass free up the
medium to allow for greater expression. Glass infuses light into
portraits, and the intensity of that illumination or color provided
adds extra dimensions. Not only does glass teach me to see in a
new way, I find it encourages the viewer to be more actively
involved with my subjects, encouraging them to come closer, to
want to touch a piece to test its reality and texture.

What an exciting time to be working in glass, with its renaissance
pulling so many artists across the boundary of craft into fine art. I
teach and or learn, from the BeCon conference 2006 to workshops
at Bullseye Glass Co., where I studied painting with light, box-
casting and compound imagery by layering glass.

My exploration of art, as with most artists, started in childhood
doodles for pleasure and expanded in many directions with
independent studies in painting, photography, and printmaking.
My sister, Sherry Boyd-Yost, also an artist, has worked in glass
since the 70’s and influenced me try stained glass in the 80’s, but
found limiting and to frustrating. I continued drawing as my main
form of expression concentrating on figures and portraiture.
However, the medium of glass continued to interest me and I
explored vitreous glass painting, kiln-formed glass, and glass
A brief of some past experiences:

• Board member and events coordinator, and an instructor at
Astoria Visual Arts in Astoria, Oregon 2005-2009
• Volunteer Docent Cannon Beach Gallery, Cannon Beach OR
• Clatsop Community College Art Center Gallery Aid 2009-
• Co-owner of Studio Access & Gallery in Astoria, Oregon,
a public open studio for glass fusing, ceramics & printmaking.
transforming to Studio 11, a kiln-form glass/printmaking studio
2006- present, offering workshop and open studio time in
printmaking and kiln-formed glass
• Free-lance graphic designer and muralist
• Signage and display for companies using a new innovative
metal coating system
• Proprietor of Z Metaline, a metal coating and fabrication
• 20 years as a picture framer, working with artists and gallery
• Proprietor of Azure Frame Studio, in Seattle, Washington,
• Board member for non-profit Reflex Magazine, Seattle
Washington, 1993-1995
• Various classes and workshops Bullseye Glass Co. Portland,
OR 2004-2009
• Our Glass Co. Bellingham,WA Stained glass, vitreous glass
painting 1980-1981
• Graphic design and illustration, Spokane Falls Community
College Spokane,WA 1973-1976
• Attended classes in painting, printmaking and photography at
Portland State University and the School of Fine Arts at the
Portland Art Museum.

Exhibitions and Commissions
2015 Group show at Cassidy's Restaurant, Portland, OR
2014 Museum of Glass, Red Hot Party & Action, Tacoma, WA
2013 Studio 11 Artist Show at Clemente's Restaurant, Astoria, OR
2013 Museum of Glass, Red Hot Party & Action, Tacoma, WA
2012 Museum of Glass, Red Hot Party & Action, Tacoma, WA
2011 Museum of Glass, Red Hot Party & Action, Tacoma, WA
2011 Form and Function: Neo-Traditional Art Reclaiming Intimacy
in a Global Community, An Invitational Show, Cannon Beach
Gallery, Cannon Beach, Or
2010 Museum of Glass, Red Hot Party & Action, Tacoma, WA
2010 Docent’s Show Cannon Beach Gallery, Cannon Beach, OR
2010 Bullseye’s 2010 E-merge Juried Show, Portland, OR
2010 Solo show " Portraits In Glass" Janovec Gallery, Portland, OR
2010 All Juried Photography Show, Cannon Beach Gallery,
Cannon Beach, OR
2009 "The Spooky Show" Light Box Photography Gallery, Astoria,
2009 Docent’s Show Cannon Beach Gallery, Cannon Beach, OR
2009 Emerging Artist Show Cannon Beach Gallery, Cannon Beach,
2004-2009 Various group shows Astoria Visual Arts Center,
Astoria, OR
2008 "Beauty of Glass in the Northwest" curator, the AVA
Center’s, Astoria, OR
2007 Au Natural Juried Show, Clatsop Community College Art
Center Astoria, OR
2004 Commission "Lewis and Clark Trail Mural", Mead’s Interior,
Astoria OR
2000-2003 Various commissions for Sign-A-Rama Bellevue, WA
as a muralist and metal applicator of Z Metaline’s metal coating
2003 Unclad Juried Art Show, David Maritz Gallery Cameno
Island, WA
2000 Eye-Candy Juried Show, Mark Wooley Gallery, Portland OR
1995 The Children Room Mural, Jerry and Londa Corcoran,
Candby, OR
1990 Portrait of Dan Stalcup, Cindy Hoover, Seattle Washington
1985 Portrait of Dan Jordon's Grand Parents, Dan Jordon, Portland,
1983 Commission Stained Glass window "The Roach Dance" Robert
Roach, Portland, OR
1981 Northwest Flat Glass Artists Juried Show, Washington Arts
Commission, Seattle Downtown Library, Seattle, WA
1980 Artist of Whatcom County, an invitational show Whatcom
Museum, Bellingham, WA

Recent Work...

kilnformed glass, 18" x 13"
Not For Sale

Above Her
kilnformed glass, 8" x 10"
Not For Sale

Are You Look'n At Me
kilnformed glass, 9" x 10"
Not For Sale

kilnformed glass, 5" x 8"

He Speaks of..
Glass, 21" x 24" x 1"
Not For Sale

kilnformed glass, 6" x 9"

I'm Not Sure You Understand
kilnformed glass, 8" x 9"
Not For Sale

It's In His Smile
kilnformed glass, 8" x 9.5"
Not For Sale

kilnformed glass, 13" x 19"

kilnformed glass, 8" x 8"

Shout It Out
kilnformed glass, 11" x 14"

Suddenly He Has Angered
kilnform glass, 14" x 19"

Surprise And Joy
kilnformed glass, 5" x 8"

The Exhilaration of Joy
kilnformed glass, 8" x 10"
Not For Sale

Abstract glass 01
glass, 18" x 19"

Silent Nude
Painting on glass with glass frit, 14" x 20"
Not For Sale

The Stance
Frit Painting, 11" x 16"
Not For Sale

Jim !
Frit Painting, 6" x 6"
Not For Sale

jim 2
frit Painting, 6" x 6"
Not For Sale

glass vitrograph, 6" x 9"
Not For Sale

Nude Study
Frit Painting glass, 21" x 14"
Not For Sale

water glass
monotype on paper, 16" x 8"

Ink on paper, 9" x 12"

Nude Study
Walnut ink on paper, 32" x 18"

male nude study
grease pencil, 26" x 20"

Jules 2
grease pencil, 20" x 26"

Guest Book... 
"Hi Jamie, I met your sister Tracy Ward in my studio/gallery in Puerto
Vallarta Mexico, and she told me about your gallery. My son lives in
Astoria and I am looking for a place to show my work in that area. Would
love to have some pointers as to where there is a good place to show. My
website is www.KathleenCarrilloGalleries.com. Thanks and maybe we can
meet when I am there in April. Regards, Kathleen"

--kathleen carrillo
"Hi Jamie. I "stumbled" onto your and Sherry's sites this morning while cruising Google. Looks like the both of you have become quite successful - good for you! I'll be back in the NW in about a week to meet my new grandson somewhere around Seattle. I'll be driving my truck with my only companion, Donner, my 6 yr. old German Shepard. Drop me a line... joncat@sunflower.com"

--John Novak
"great work Jamie, great to see in glass, on paper and silk screen. "

--leslee shackelton shepler
"I really like the lines in your "self", I hope to see more like this on many subjects.
Love it! "

--Lonnie Farrar
"jamie it's moe! I can't find your email address & am itchin to plan the fisher poets exhibit. please contact me at !

what a cool image of you!"

--Moe Bowstern
"I really like the self. Would like to see that technique more on more subjects."

--Lonnie bo bonnie
"Hi Jamie--Scott B. here!
I'm in PDX, still happily married to jessica--20 years!
Love your stuff.
look us up sometime."

"You do nice work, Jamie. Thanks for showing your work to me in real time. The pictures on the web site don't do them justice.
Gail Lansdown"

"Nice work Jamie"

"This looks great James it is great to see the site did you create it?"

--Sherry Yost
"Hi Jamie, Nice work! You have always been a wonderful artist. Talk to you later. I am rinning late. Sorry so short."

--Sue Chartrey
"Let's hear it for the team AVA!!!!!"

"Hi Jamie, was nice to see you at Old Things today-thanks for reminding me about the meetings-sorry I spaced out and missed the last one! Love your page-especially like male nude study and she- something about those two that are so expressive, take care, "

--lisa (lana)
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